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Donor Giving Series

Sonja Sanguinetti on being
part of our Legacy Circle

Sonja Sanguinetti is an all around arts lover. Sonja is a subscriber, monthly donor, and, most recently, a member of our Legacy Circle. Sonja shares why she thinks Ballet BC is a special organization and her decision on joining our Legacy Circle.

My mother was an early ballet enthusiast and imbued me with that love. When Ballet BC started performing in 1986, my husband and I attended many of the performances. When Emily Molnar took over the company, my daughter was back in town and happy to come to the ballet with me. 

I have watched as Emily took the Company from strength to strength. When she started, the audience was restricted to the orchestra section of the theatre. When I attended on March 6, 2020, it had the feeling of a theatre almost sold out. That is because the programming is consistently outstanding. With many classical ballets, one has the feeling of observing an athletic event outlining a well known story. The ballets staged by Ballet BC force you to think and not only appreciate the athleticism of the dancers but also the way they are telling the story. I almost always come away from a performance energized and excited by what I have seen. 

I am fortunate to be able to donate money to causes that are important to me. I do give to community organizations and health care charities. However, I believe those organizations find it easier to attract donors than arts organization do. I want ballet to be available to my grandkids who are already enthusiasts. That is why I have left a legacy gift to Ballet BC. I encourage others who are in a position to do so to put their money where it matters.”

-Sonja Sanguinetti

Legacy Circle members are contributing in the greatest way possible to ensure this art form exists for future generations. Legacy gifts enable us to advance our mission over the long-term, creating an impact that will be valued for years to come.


Grant Vanston on being
a monthly donor

Grant Vanston is a long-time monthly donor and Founders’ Council member. His love of dance developed from his participation in dance classes as a youth and he expands on his memories with Ballet BC.

“Ballet BC provides me an opportunity to share in the enjoyment of proud and multi-talented dancers. When the curtain opens I know that I will experience an evening like no other. The entire company’s immense love for dance is evident with every detail, on and off stage. No where else is it possible to experience such dedication and talent from so many people…unforgettable.

I believe that monthly gifts are important as I would like to think that my modest fiscal support helps offset some of the cost for the incredible performances. I continue to donate with the hope that Ballet BC will thrive for years to come.

If you are thinking of becoming a monthly donor, follow your heart. You know that you are here because of your love and respect for the entire company. Please join me, in a modest way, to express to them, how much we enjoy their dedication and hard work. My donation is modest but put it with 10 others? Now we have something. Something that will last all year and not fade like the applause. Donate what you feel comfortable and together magic will happen.”

-Grant Vanston

Monthly gifts help us plan for the future and provide greater financial sustainability over twelve months. It is an alternative form of donating that gives both Ballet BC and the donor flexibility around gift planning and budgeting.


Erika Mayall on being
an UP member

Erika Mayall has been an UP member and donor since 2017. As a member of the dance community, Erika has been a frequent attendee of our performances and an advocate for the arts. Erika explains her motivation for deepening her engagement with us.

“I was inspired to join UP as a way to support the dance community while also having the opportunity to network with like-minded young professionals and participate in engaging community events.

Ballet BC UP is important to me because the arts are historically underfunded and traditionally rely on support from older generations of patrons. I feel it’s important to build a base of support in young professionals who can bring fresh energy, ideas and perspectives to the arts and dance scene in Vancouver.

I work in the dance community, and Ballet BC is constantly at the forefront for cutting edge work not only in our local community, but nationally and internationally as well. They are bringing world class dancers, choreographers and pieces to Vancouver, and connecting local dancers, teachers and community members to the international dance scene.”

-Erika Mayall

Ballet BC UP is a membership program for art lovers who want to immerse themselves in Vancouver’s art scene by connecting with other engaged and inspired young people As a member, you are invited to participate in Ballet BC UP events with the proceeds of your membership contributing to Ballet BC’s programming.



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