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Monday Mourning ONEGIN

It’s the moment we’ve all been dreading: the day after Onegin closing.

Onegin dress_0472 - Copy

Marina Hasselberg, Andrew McNee, and Lauren Jackson. Photo by David Cooper

This explosive new musical burst open audiences’ hearts with an unprecedented scale of response. Two hold-overs sold out within hours, a four-star review in The Globe and Mail capped-off the critics’ raves, and multiple performances were viewed by patrons who called themselves Twogins, Threegins, even Sixgins; making Onegin the hottest ticket in town!

Onegin social preview love

Smart fans saw it in previews. Lauren Jackson (Olga) responding to patron pride for catching Onegin before it caught on fire.

Audience’s affections couldn’t be contained! The love spilled from the Goldcorp Stage and onto the sidewalks and social media. Fan art circulated online, patron feedback felt like reading love letters to the artists, and our cast’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts had a flurry of followers once fans found beautiful behind-the-scenes moments like this and this.


Artist and Onegin fan Roan Shankaruk (yellow dress) hand delivering her show artwork to the cast.


One of the many beautiful Onegin paintings by Roan Shankaruk


Graphic design from Onegin fan Markian Tarasiuk. Photo by David Cooper

As Colin Thomas said in his Georgia Straight review, “You’re lucky to be alive right now … because you get to see Onegin.” Here’s to the lucky ones who did.

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Author: Arts Club Theatre Company

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